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Best 3 AI Video Generator Tools

At current time it is compulsory for every brand to have a presence on video sharing platforms. Like: Youtube, Dailymotion, and Vimeo. Because it is found that most of the online traffic spend most of the time viewing videos on

different platforms. A report shows that around 80% of online traffic viewing video online. And all people prefer video content over other forms of content like image, audio, and text. Most online publishers depend on video content to get most of their online traffic .

Consuming video is much easier as compared to making a video because when it comes to making a video it requires script writing, putting all the images there and then editing it perfectly. So, it difficult for most of the people to make

video that is very important to grow their business.

But, now as AI is taking over all the technologies, AI has also taken charge to make video making easy by creating video using text. There are many AI sites which changes pictory text to video in very easy way,creating high quality videos

in minutes with finest editing. Many content creators and youtubers are using these AI tools to Change their pictory text to video.

So, today we are going to know about 3 Best Ai video Generators.

In our list of best text to video converter Ai Tools 


There are many reasons to put on this list as this Ai video generator tool gives us various options to create videos using our imaginations.

i.  (This AI video generator provides us with an AI script generator for compelling video creation.With their AI Script generator, we can generate a script from any prompt directly within Invideo) powered by CHATGPT.

ii. We can consider in-video as best for content creation, as by using InVideo we can also convert our blog to video format, as InVideo not only understands the content of our blog but also understands the context of our blogs.

iii. This AI not only will help us to create graphics of our video but also we can convert or create voice of our video using this pictory text to video converter.

iv. This tool also provides us to convert our script to videos using a pre-built template. These templates are currently used by many youtubers, social media managers.

v. InVideo has a free plan for 15 minutes of watermarked video but video can’t be downloaded, but links of video can be shared.

 Next in our list of pictory text to video generators is,this ai tool is very easy to use.

i. Using this Ai editor you are going to forget about these huge timeline editors,by this ai text to video generator we can also edit any type of our videos like we are editing word files.

ii. Pictory Text to video Converter is best suited for creating webinar videos, video podcasts, zoom recording, and also for e-learning and training videos.

iii. Also if you are looking for editing long videos or want to create long text to videos, will help us to do it in a few minutes. No more time to waste for long videos.

iv . The powerful AI of this tool automatically removes all filler words and silences which otherwise will create our video informal and can tarnish the reputation of a channel.

v.  This pictory text to image converter not only converts our text to videos but it can also automatically add captions to our videos that viewers can also see in a noisy environment.

vi. Pictory will allow us to create 3 videos each of 10 minute duration for free.


Steve.Ai is also a text to video converter which allows their users to create mind blowing interactive videos and animate them.

i. facilitates any of their salesperson, businessman to create introdoctury or say informative video about their product, or service they offer just by the text in their mind converting it to video.

ii. This AI tool has a very casual name as the  founder of this text to video converter wants to present its site as a casual site so every user can relate to it.

iii. This text to video converter is trusted by many big brands related to different domains, such as gsk, visa, mcdonalds, unitech healthcare, nedbanks and many more.


As the time is changing, not everyone gets the time to write a script for video making and then shooting that video and after that giving much of his or her productive time to video editing. So, to overcome these problems of video making these pictory ai script to video tools will help all of us a lot to save our time and energy by giving us a pre-built template for video making and converting text in our mind to perfect video just in minutes.All three of these mentioned AI based text to video converter are best in their domain, one can use any of these tools to make their video.